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Pre-Purchase Exams

Dr. Dac highly recommends getting any prospective horse purchase fully vetted before finalizing the sale.  A pre-purchase exam can’t guarantee that your horse will be perfect but it could save you from heartache and financial loss by exposing health concerns that may not be apparent to the untrained eye.  The true purpose of the pre-purchase exam is to help provide the buyer with enough information to make an informed decision as to whether a horse will meet their needs.  We are there to assess general health, conformation, and soundness for the intended use.   How you intend to use the horse is an important factor in determining the extent and content of the exam and how to assess the results.

A pre-purchase exam will include:

  • Basic health evaluation including a head to tail exam to check for abnormalities, temperature, respirations, general appearance, conformation and history.
  • Lameness assessment, including flexion test, soft tissue palpation and movement evaluation.
  • Other diagnostics may come into play including x-rays, ultrasound and bloodwork.